so I'll never be alone.. (jello_gerbil) wrote in thomaslennon,
so I'll never be alone..


This is a cap I took from "The State" - the sketch was piggy shoes. I thought his hair looked funny. LOL

The State members. Tom is crouching down in the front.
(zackwolk met them at a Stella show and Tom helped get everyone together for a State reunion photograph!)

Mmm :D

(courtesy of zackwolk also)

This was on that article about the "Renaissance Man" too, it's them putting make up on Tom while on the set.

And the rest are from Carlos Alazraqui's Reno911 behind the scenes pics.

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I didn't see the behind the scenes photos.
My favorite's the 'Burning Man' photo with Neicy. In fact, that picture would make a great postcard, or birthday card, or Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year, whatever- card.
I just think it's hilarious!
These are great photos. Where did you find the Behind the Scenes shots? I'd love to see more.

I'm new on Livejournal. I have been reading and looking around a lot. Just signed up because I'm a huge fan of Tom's and was looking for a place to discuss him, his work and everything Tom related. I have been a fan since 1994, first season of the State. I own most of his movies and watch Reno passionately.

Again, GREAT pictures.